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Tips to Maintain Your Boat

Tips to Maintain Your Boat


Service intervals are specific by the manufacturer. However, here is a couple of tips to prevent major cost implications.

Maintenance Tip 1:

When returning back from coastal use, motors should be run with fresh water and ‘’Salt-away’’ or similar product. So as to neutralize the salt inside the motor and stop corrosion.

Maintenance Tip 2:

Always ensure Anodes are cleaned and earth’s are intact. As this will allow corrosion to attack the corrosion blocks and not the motor.

Maintenance Tip 3:

Clean motor and battery terminals regularly, with moisture displacing agent.

Maintenance Tip 4:

Wash boat after every voyage and clean Stainless Steel with ‘’Surf’’. We have noticed that surf brings the shine back on stainless steel. Alternatively Stainless steel polish can be applied at coast. Only remove and polish before use.

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