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Preparing Your Boat for Transport

Preparing Your Boat for Transport

In our Country, our roads are the biggest contributing factor for damage on hulls.  This includes wheal bearing failures, and structural damage i.e. Cracks superficial and structural. It is imperative to understand your trailer, as this will impact your journey’s enjoyment.

Tip #1

Ensure your wheel bearings are checked regularly. This point cannot be stressed enough. All axles (Except oil filled) seals, allows some water to go in. This can be minimized with water and heat resistant grease.

Note: Different grease types should never be mixed, as this will also cause damage.

Tip #2

We prefer to use Ratchet type straps to allow some flexibility without the possibility of the strap to come loose.

Tip #3

Ensure your trailer is built to adequately support your hull, so as not to put too much pressure on one specific spot.

Tip #4

If your trailer is galvanized, always build separate brackets when retro fitting. Galvanize it, and bolt it on. There is no ‘’cold galvanize spray’’ that will work for deep sea applications.

Tip #5
Tow your boat especially with double axles. Always ensure the boat sis horizontal. This can be achieved by making use of the ‘’Down plate’’


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