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Small in size but big in features

Designed and built with the professional in mind, the Suzuki 2-stroke outboards deliver the power and performance required by intensive use; day in, day out and often under gruelling conditions. The Suzuki 2-strokes are ideal, not only for the most demanding of their equipment but for anyone looking for an economical and trustworthy solution.

Suzuki South Africa has introduced different models ranging from 15Hp to 40Hp which offer the consumer easy operation and low maintenance needs. The strength of this range is Suzuki’s PEI ignition system providing a powerful spark and sure starting. The loop charging allows the engine to breathe efficiently for maximum combustion and performance.

The die-cast stainless water pump housings ensure that pumps will stay intact if overheating should occur. Similar to the rest of the Suzuki range, these 2-strokes are also equipped with the shallow water drive system that allows the operator to simply adjust the engine’s trim position to one of two high settings when the water gets shallow. Outboard engines have come a long way since Suzuki first entered the market with the D55 (5.5hp, 2-stroke) in 1965, applying the company’s motorised vehicle expertise to the marine sector. The early outboard models were pure 1960′s in style – bold red and white curves.

This 6hp model, together with a 4hp model, both aimed at the domestic fishing market, and constituted the range for the first few years. From 1970, further models were quickly introduced to create the “DT” 2-stroke range. The first ever oil-injected 2-stroke was launched in 1980. This was the very popular and successful DT85. A range of oil injected motors up to 140hp was introduced in 1981. The outboard range now ran from 2 to 140hp.

The first prestigious National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) innovation award “Most Innovative products” was presented in 1987 for the Exante 200, a sophisticated 200hp 2.7 litre V6 2-stroke- the first outboard to offer a voice activated warning system.

Suzuki South Africa started to import the 2-stroke range in the mid-seventies and continued to do so with success until 2001, when it was decided to make way for the newly developed 4-stroke model range of Suzuki Outboards. In May 2010, Suzuki re-launched a limited range of the 2-stroke outboards into South Africa after more than a decade as there is still a large demand for 2-stroke outboards in South Africa and neighbouring countries, combined with many requests from the dealer network.


Transom Height (mm)508
Starting SystemElectric
Weight (kg)59
Starting SystemElectric
Weight (kg)59
Engine Type2-stroke 2 Cylinders
Displacement (cm3)499
Bore x Stroke71 x 63
Maximum Power (kW)22.1
Full throttle Operating Range (rpm)5000-5600
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)25
Ignition SystemSuzuki PEI
Battery Charging12V 80W
Trim Method (positions)Manual Trim & Tilt
Fuel/Oil Mixing Ratio50:01:00
Gear ShiftF-N-R
Gear Ratio2.09:1
Drive ProtectionRubber Hub
Propeller size (in.)10-1/4 x 9 (Thick)
All propellers are the 3-blade type.  Select the propeller which fits within the range of the engine rpm of the model10-1/4 x 10
10-1/4 x 10 (Thick)
10-1/4 x 11
10-1/4 x 12
10-1/4 x 12 (Thick)
10-1/4 x 13
10-1/4 x 14
10-1/4 x 15