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33kg… Light is Right When It Comes To Choosing A Portable

Suzuki’s engineering expertise has created a DT15AS that is lighter and more compact. At 33kg, the S-shaft models weigh not only less than their predecessors, but less than any other two-strokes available in their respective classes. The outboards also feature great new graphics that give both of these two-strokes a tough, distinct look. Please note that Suzuki South Africa only brings in the DT15A in short shaft while the long shaft models is still the older version that weighs 39.5 kg.


Retractable Grip

A new retractable carrying handle folds down and out of the way, when not needed. In addition to making the outboard easier to carry, it gives the engine a more compact form when mounted on the transom.

Programmed Tilt

The outboards feature a programmed tilt system that offers easy, three-stage adjustment of the outboard angle for shallow water operation. The system is equipped with a reverse lock that automatically engages when the engine is returned to its normal operating position to prevent the engine from kicking up.

Through Prop Hub Exhaust

In addition to quiet operation, a through prop hub exhaust system provides greater exhaust efficiency resulting in increased combustion and acceleration. Other advantages include reduced power loss and superior high-speed operation.

Pointless Electronic Ignition (P.E.I.)

Suzuki’s exclusive pointless electronic ignition delivers a powerful spark to make starts easy. Added benefits include strong and reliable performance, and prolonged sparkplug life.

Keystone Piston Rings

Special keystone piston rings use a unique design that delivers more power to the crankshaft with reduced energy loss. The rings also increase combustion efficiency, offer greater durability, reduce fuel consumption, and lessen the chance of sticking rings.

Loop Charge Intake System

Dome-shaped pistons and cylinder heads help move more air and fuel into and exhaust out of the cylinder increasing both combustion and power for every stroke. With this, Suzuki’s two-strokes deliver better fuel economy, more power per cm3 and greater overall performance.

Suzuki’s Anti Corrosion Finish

All Suzuki outboards receive this specially formulated, anti-corrosion finish. Applying the finish directly to the aluminium alloy allows for maximum bonding between the finish and aluminium creating an outstanding treatment against corrosion.


Transom Height (mm)381508
Starting SystemManualManual
Weight (kg)3339.5
Engine Type2-stroke 2 Cylinders2-stroke 2 Cylinders
Displacement (cm3)284284
Bore x Stroke59 x 5259 x 52
Maximum Power (kW)1111
Full throttle Operating Range (rpm)4800-56004800-5600
Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)2525
Ignition SystemSuzuki PEISuzuki PEI
Battery Charging12V 80W (Optional)12V 80W
Trim Method (positions)Manual Trim & Tilt (5)Manual Trim & Tilt (5)
Fuel/Oil Mixing Ratio50:01:0050:01:00
Gear ShiftF-N-RF-N-R
Gear Ratio1.92:11.92:1
Drive ProtectionRubber HubRubber Hub
Propeller size (in.)9 – 1/4 x 79 – 1/4 x 7
All propellers are the 3-blade type.  Select the propeller which fits within the range of the engine rpm of the model9 – 1/4 x 8 (THICK)9 – 1/4 x 8
9 – 1/4 x 99 – 1/4 x 9
9 – 1/4 x 9 (THICK)9 – 1/4 x 10
9 – 1/4 x 109 – 1/4 x 11
9 – 1/4 x 10 (THICK)
9 – 1/4 x 11