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Life Jacket  – The basic checks

Life Jacket – The basic checks

Check that:

a) The life jackets are SANS approved and carry the SAMSA stamp of approval.

b) The life jacket or buoyancy aid is not faded and there is no loosing stitching.

c) The buoyancy foam has not been compressed.

d) The tying tapes, zips or clips are in good condition, and the reflection strips are not faded and are secure.

e) The whistle is secured in place with a short lanyard.

Wearing of life jackets

A life jacket must be worn when negotiating turbulent waters, when in inclement weather, launching and beaching – it is for non-swimmers and all children under 12 years of age to wear at all times. It is the responsibility of the skipper to fully understand how and when to don a life jacket.

  • Life jackets are to be sworn in bad weather, or when the skipper gives the command to don life jackets.
  • The skipper should ensure that the life jacket is donned properly, and that all straps of the life jacket are secure.
  • Should a crew member on a boat refuse to don a life jacket when instructed to do so, the skipper should turn his/her boat around and head back to port to put ashore the disobedient crew member.

In a man-overboard situation a life jacket assists in keeping the person afloat and enables them   to conserve energy. Warmth is also created when huddling together with another person. Always remember that the safety of the crew is the

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