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Some people may be able to afford the actual boat of their dreams, however many are unaware of its hidden costs that may put a dent in their wallets. Many people believe that maintenance is the third most expensive part of owning a boat. So make sure to enquire about how much maintenance will be in order for you to plan financially. Furthermore, in all instances, it is important to consider the cost of insurance and the cost of running the boat in terms of fuel for power boats.

How thoroughly should a boat be inspected before you buy it?

It is important to dig deep, past what the seller wants you to see, specifically if you’re trying to find out why a deal may appear a little too good to be true. If you are not sure if a particular boat is worth a closer look, start with a walk around.

A bright polish and colourful accent stripes make all new boats look great. As a boat buyer, you face the problem of having to look beyond the eye-catching cosmetics in order to see the actual quality of the boat. If you are happy with the look of the boat after a walk around, you can ask for a sea-trial. This is a fancy way of asking for a test drive, doing this will allow you to test a boat’s seaworthiness. There established sea trials that can be performed in order for to test a vessel’s seaworthiness, but unless you insist on a survey, then a casual boat ride is usually what the seller will provide.