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Buying a Boat

Buying a Boat


Buying a boat- Guidelines

Buying a boat is a lifelong dream for many people. Making the leap might seem intimidating to some people but it doesn’t have to be. Here at Boat Caravan and Camping our highly qualified sales staff will assist you throughout the application process, no matter your budget we will ensure you get the boat you want at a price that’s right !

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To operate a vessel in South African waters a valid skippers Licence is required for any vessel, smaller or equal to 9 meters with an engine larger than 15hp. Boat Caravan and Camping offers regular skipper courses, technical courses and practical skippers training for beginners as well as the advanced boater !

Financing a boat

“Can I Finance a boat?“ is a frequently asked question and the answer is. “Yes!” As long as the boat is not older than 10 years . There are a few additional requirements but based on the same principals as financing a vehicle. We are approved Wesbank Dealers and can help you find the right financing options to suit your budget. Please see the list below of documents required:

  • Valid South African ID
  • Valid Drivers Licence
  • Skippers Licence
  • 3 months Bank Statements
  • Proof of address
  • 3 months Payslips


Questions to ask when buying a boat

  • What is my application? Fishing, water sports or cruising. This is a critical step in your planning as many boats are built with a purpose in mind
  • What size boat do I require? What is the average number of people you are expecting to have on board
  • Where will you be using the boat? Will you mainly be using it in dams & rivers or will you be going offshore as there are different requirements and restrictions
  • Is the boats documentation up to date? For example does it have a valid buoyancy(flotation cert) , buoyancy certificates are required for all vessels
  • Is there any safety equipment included in the deal? Depending on the category that your boat is registered for.
  • Does the deal include a Dam/Water test? This is one of the most important parts of the process and can make or break the deal, Each boat drives and handles differently and in most cases built with a specific purpose in mind eg: Fishing , pulling wakeboards or entertaining. It is essential to make sure that the boat is suited to your application and caters for your needs. Water tests also afford you the opportunity to test the motor and all electronics before taking delivery.

Buying a boat has never been this easy. Don’t delay book your dam test today with Dylan 011 814 1452 or

Jet Ski Maintenance Tips

Jet Ski Maintenance Tips

Consulting the Owner’s Manual Regardless of the make or model of your PWC, you should always reference the Owner’s Manual for those specific things that you may need and for the exact procedure you need to follow. Maintaining Engine Fluids There are some older model jet skis that will have 2-stroke engines, which means that… Continue Reading

Preparing Your Boat for Transport

Preparing Your Boat for Transport

In our Country, our roads are the biggest contributing factor for damage on hulls.  This includes wheal bearing failures, and structural damage i.e. Cracks superficial and structural. It is imperative to understand your trailer, as this will impact your journey’s enjoyment. Tip #1 Ensure your wheel bearings are checked regularly. This point cannot be stressed… Continue Reading

Tips to Maintain Your Boat

Tips to Maintain Your Boat

Maintenance: Service intervals are specific by the manufacturer. However, here is a couple of tips to prevent major cost implications. Maintenance Tip 1: When returning back from coastal use, motors should be run with fresh water and ‘’Salt-away’’ or similar product. So as to neutralize the salt inside the motor and stop corrosion. Maintenance Tip… Continue Reading

Life Jacket  – The basic checks

Life Jacket – The basic checks

Check that: a) The life jackets are SANS approved and carry the SAMSA stamp of approval. b) The life jacket or buoyancy aid is not faded and there is no loosing stitching. c) The buoyancy foam has not been compressed. d) The tying tapes, zips or clips are in good condition, and the reflection strips… Continue Reading