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Lightweight Power

The 15F is a standout in Yamaha’s portable range and has proven to be one of Australia’s favourite outboards. Lightweight and easy to transport the 15F has a reputation built on years of reliable and powerful performance.

For boaters who want to cruise to their favourite fishing spot with speed and confidence, the 15F is the perfect motor


  • Light weight and easy to transport with fold away handles
  • Optional alternator/ lighting coil
  • Great for car toppers, small fishing rigs, inflatables and tenders
  • CDI ignition provides automatic spark advance to provide maximum power throughout the whole RPM range
  • Loop charging boosts power and fuel efficiency
  • Comes standard with shallow water drive, an extremely useful feature when tackling rivers, estuaries and creeks.
  • Engine

    Engine Type 2-Stroke, In-line 2
    Displacement 246 cc
    Bore x Stroke 56 x 50 mm
    Recommended Max RPM 5000-5500
    Lubrication System Pre-mixing
    Fuel Management Carb
    Ignition CDI
    Starter System Manual
    Lighting Coil Optional
    Alternator Output Optional with rectifier
    Operation Method Tiller handle
    Trim & Tilt Method Manual tilt
    Fuel Tank Capacity 24 L
    Gear Ratio 2.08 : 1
    OEDA Emission Rating


    • 15FMHS : 440 mm (17.3 in)
    • 15FMHL : 567 mm (22.3 in)
    • 15FMHS : 36 kg
    • 15FMHL : 38 kg